DevLog #26 - Pre Beta Update

All the goss!
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Fri Apr 27, 2018 7:29 am

Hello All,

Another week and another development log.



  • Dialogue audio added to fox. He speaks! Whaaaaaaaat!
  • Lots more to talk to Fox about: We started with just one dialogue tree, now we have three. Banter banter banter!

Meditation level

  • Transition from Playne to meditation level has been optimised. Load time cut by a few seconds
  • Meditation level has been optimised. Some post process effects have been removed to be less resource intensive.
  • Breathing visualisation added to aid in breath awareness


  • Better rocks for Fireplace added. Swish!
  • Grass assets improved. Swish!
  • Ambient sound which evolved with the world. We’ve added wind, birds, crickets, owls and more.
  • Ambient sounds now play in the meditation level

Level Up Notification

  • You’ll now know when you level up after a session. Added a bit of sass to this all
  • Random quotes now show once you end session


  • We had a really frustrating bug related to the streak system that is now finally fixed.
  • Optimised core functionality. Cleaned up! Squeaky
  • Various graphical optimisations
  • EULA Added
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