New Feature : Story of Playne!

  • Explore the story of Playne with fox!
  • As you level up the world, Fox will reveal the story of Playne to you.

New Feature : Achievements

  • 17 Unlockable Achievements

Campfire Mechanics

  • The campfire now responds to your streaks as opposed to level progress. The campfire gets larger as you build your streaks. If you break your streak then the campfire resets.

Revamped Meditation Level

The meditation level has been fully revamped.

  • Step by step guide for meditation
  • New user interface
  • Nicer thought effects
  • Thought sounds
  • Ambient audio added

User Interface Revamp

  • New Home screen menus
    • Levelling progress bar which is split into days
    • ‘Playne Growth’ progress bar
  • Dialogue User Interface has been improved
  • New preStart menu which summaries your key metrics
  • Other menus have been themed so its more intuitive
  • The wall of text guide system has been replaced with a dialogue system
  • New Loading Screen
  • Tips added to loading screens

Fox Improvements

  • Fox will now encourage you
  • Fox will teach you meditation
  • More dialogue audio added to fox


  • GPU Utilisation has been improved by 20%

Bug Fixes

Big thanks to all the players who submitted bugs! You guys are awesome #truth

  • Tooltips appearing in meditation level has been removed
  • Issue where camera switched angles unintentionally has been fixed.
  • Progress : issues with session count number has been fixed
  • Progress : issues with total duration count has been fixed