About Inward

  • A game about self-discovery and personal growth through mindfulness 
  • Discover and grow new species of trees that reflect your journey
  • Discover trees together with other players
  • Building habits that leave a lasting positive impact on your wellbeing

Discover & Grow Beautiful Trees

Hundreds of thousands of species of trees are waiting to be discovered. Choose the type of trunk, the branches and the leaves to create and name your own unique species of trees.

Play Together With Other Players

Grow the seeds of trees discovered by other players, and share your own seeds for others to discover your trees. Together, bring the beautiful trees back to Inward.

Choose Your Path of Discovery and Growth

  • Path of Focus helps you to nurture focus and a one-pointed mind.
  • Path of Insight helps you realise various aspects of your self.
  • Path of Clarity helps you gain clarity by open and free expression.
  • Path of Calm helps you connect to your physiology to help build calm and resilience.

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