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How can I reset my save file?

Firstly, please ensure that you backup your save file as this will completely wipe out your current save files both on your local drive and Steam Cloud.

Deleting your save files can be challenging since Steam cloud will automatically pull your save files from the cloud. To fully reset your save file then do this:

1. Disable Steam Cloud Save

In your steam library > right click Playne > Properties > Updates > At the bottom UNCHECK cloud save.

2. Load your Playne save folder:

Go to start > run and type in %localappdata%/playne/saved

Delete the contents of this folder

3. Start Playne and Meditate

This will now create a new save file

4. Enable Steam Cloud Save

Re-enable cloud save following instructions from step 1

5. Play Playne

You have now reset your save files on Steam Cloud.