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The general idea is that once you finish playing, your steam client will upload your save game on the cloud. When you load another platform (laptop) and start Playne, then Steam should download the save file from the cloud so your game is synchronised across all platforms running steam. If you ever find that the save file is incorrect/streak broken, then you should go back to your last platform and ensure that steam is fully connected / synchronised.

Note that playing games in Offline Mode will keep games from syncing until you’ve gone back online, and this is very likely to cause a conflict.

Steam Support

Normally, if its the case that there was a synchronisation conflict, then you will get a notification asking you to update the save file. Having said this Steam cloud generally works well for most people.

If you are having issues with Steam Cloud, then there are ways to troubleshoot it. If you have a save file in one computer that is newer than the version in steam cloud, then you can manually copy this file across to your computer that has the outdated save file. Then the ‘Cloud Conflict’ error will popup and you can instruct steam to use the newer version.

What if I lost a file or progress after moving to a different machine? If you are not seeing your most recent progress and you have double-checked that the game uses Steam Cloud on its store page, either Steam was not able to sync successfully with Steam Cloud before closing, or the sync resulted in a previous version of your data being uploaded to the cloud. It’s possible that the original file or progress is still on the older machine, but was unable to sync. It may be possible to launch Steam from that machine and see if it will Sync the game. If that works, the progress should be available on the newer machine the next time you launch.

Steam Support

For further support please refer to the Steam support article below.

Steam Cloud – General Troubleshooting – Knowledge Base – Steam Support