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Steam Rating: 97% (384 Reviews)
Developer: Krish Shrikumar (Scotland, UK)
Genre: Simulation, Well-being
Release Date: May 1st 2020
Platform: PC (Steam), Mac (Apple AppStore)
Price: $14.99
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Social: Twitter, Facebook, Discord

File Size: ~3gb
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Playne was developed by Krish Shrikumar from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Playne is a game designed to help improve mental well-being by helping players build a daily habit of healthy practises like meditation, journaling and breath exercises.

Playne uses game mechanics to help players build a daily habit of meditation. Every day that the player meditates, the game world grows and transforms. 

In Playne, the player can grow and escape to their own immersive environments that celebrate nature.



  • Gameplay that helps you build a daily habit of meditation & mindfulness
  • Learn tools to help manage mental well-being such as meditation, journaling and breath exercises
  • The game world grows and transforms as you build your habit of meditation
  • Unlock effects that adds vibrancy to the world
  • Unlock powers that give you the ability to change the time & weather
  • Meditate in ambiances that immerse you in nature
  • Gameplay helps to experience calm and relaxation

Player Feedback

Over 550 players submitted their feedback after playing Playne.

  • 97% felt calmer and less stressed after playing Playne
  • 93% felt Playne helped them to build a daily habit of meditation
  • 97% found the meditations in Playne easy to learn and practice


"Playne: Encouraging mindfulness through video games" -

“What makes Playne interesting is that it uses gaming conventions and reward systems to encourage you to keep coming back. [...] It lets you watch your world grow and evolve”
Sprites And Dice

“Turns out the meditation nuts were onto something. Give it a whirl, why not.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

Playne planted 600 Trees in California as part of a World Environment Day sale event in Steam. This was covered by some game press:

PCGamer, Polygon & Rock Paper Shotgun

About Krish Shrikumar

Looking back at the near thousand hours I spent on Guild Wars, I realised the power that video games have in helping us to build habits.

I was immersed into meditation when I was a child. When I was eight I was sent to a yoga and meditation retreat where I once saw a yogi  cleaning his sinus with a piece of string (yep, its a thing).  My parents were yoga and meditation teachers and every Sunday was group meditation, which would be fine, had it not always ran over He-Man on TV. Yes, as a kid, I wasn't in love with meditation.

But as I grew up and started to face challenges, struggles and suffering, I turned back to meditation and I was able to see the benefits it can bring to my life. Meditation has helping me to better relate with myself and the world around me

I am discovering how I can use my love for video games and my understanding of meditation, to help develop games that leave a lasting positive impact on peoples lives.

The Official Bio
Krish is a BAFTA (New Talent) nominated film-maker with films that have appeared in festivals around the world. (inc London Short Film Festival / Fargo International Film Festival). He has created  large scale 3D Visualisations for the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum as well as one of the oldest castle in Scotland, the Aberdour Castle. Playne is Krish's first game.

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