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Player Feedback

  •     97% felt calmer and less stressed after playing Playne
  •     93% felt Playne helped them to build a daily habit of meditation
  •     97% found the meditations in Playne easy to learn and practice

* from over 600 players submitted feedback forms

grow the game world

Transform Playne into a lush, living, breathing, island by meditating. Grow trees, grass and flowers and progress to invite fireflies and butterflies to your world.

Playne is an island that grows with you.

effects & powers

Unlock a range of effects that add depth and intrigue to your game world, like butterflies, fireflies and Aurora Borealis.

You will also unlock powers that have a direct impact on the ambiance of your world, like the ability to change the weather and time.

customise the ambiance

Once you unlock the skill, you can choose and combine weather, time and sceneries to create your own unique ambiance for your meditations.

Meditate next to the campfire with wind and rain, or meditate near a stream as a thunderstorms approaches. Its up to you.

discover story mode

Time has been forgotten but an old Fox wants to help you remember.

As you progress, Fox will help you discover how time stopped and how you can make the sun rise again.

design in sandbox mode

Plant and grow your own trees and flora by meditating. 

A pathway of trees or an island of flowers, its up to you. Use your imagination to create your own unique meditation spaces.

explore in evolve mode

Once you complete Playne you'll unlock Evolve mode. Here you can explore a massive 25 SqKm island and grow entire forests by meditating.

The map has a range of visually rich environments such as lakes, rockfalls and the sea to meditate in.

When you unlock evolve mode, I'll plant a living breathing tree for you in California to celebrate your growth 🙂 


 Your daily meditations grow and transform the game world. Progress through a skills tree and unlock effects and powers that control the weather and time.

Meditation, Mindfulness

Innovative techniques and guided audio meditations with roots in effective traditional methods of meditation.

Journaling for Clarity

Tool that encourages you to write freely and openly, encounter a quiet mind, resolve emotions  feelings.

Breath Practises for Calm and Relaxation

Learn a range of breathing techniques that help to calm the mind and achieve clarity in times of stress.


Meditation can be an effective tool to help improve mental well-being by helping us to reduce stress and experience deep calm & relaxation.

There are a range of benefits to meditation & mindfulness that science is beginning to uncover

Meditation can also be a powerful way to better understand the parts that create our reality: our thoughts, perceptions, sensations and feelings. With this wisdom, we can live a more mindful life.


Sprites & Dice, Rock Paper Shotgun, GameSpark, 4Players

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