Playne is a self-published game, created by Krish Shrikumar from his game studio in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Krish is a BAFTA New Talent nominated film maker with a background in 3D visualisation. Krish grew up with meditation and attended the Sivananda Ashram yoga and meditation retreat as a child. 


I'm exploring how games can help us build habits that leave a lasting positive impact on our lives. Playne is my first game and it was born out of my love for video games, and my interest in helping others learn and build a practice of meditation & mindfulness.

As well as Playne, I'm also working on:

ILAND — Mobile meditation game
Playne VR — Virtual Reality port of Playne
Kno — A free mindful journaling game.

You can find out more about me and my vision on my Patreon Page.


Tess Tyler, Soundtrack
Tess is an award winning Bristol, UK based composer for film, television and video games. Tess has worked on many games including the LEGO®  Marvel Series.

Ian Herring, Illustration
Illustrator/Colourist based in Toronto working out of various spots. Currently colouring for Marvel on various titles including Ms. Marvel, Ghost-Spider & More.